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Contemporary draws modern dance techniques and uses graceful & smooth movements to express the mind, body, and soul. It is a 20th-century dance form with a fusion of ballet, a little modern, and a little jazz. It makes it tricky for most beginners, but if your instructors are well-trained and go through the basics, it’s a dance form that you shall love.

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Jazz is the most popular dance form in western countries. It involves energetic steps, crisp movements & good postures. It has originated from African folklore, and it has influenced many other styles in the art form. It’s one of the youngest styles to be performed. There are variations that we have developed expertise in overtime.

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Hip hop is a statement of attitude. It involves tremendous energy & style. The dance form was invented in the 1980s based mostly on beats and rhythmic music, and lyrics. People started the dance mainly in the backstreets and lesser-known places; it has become one of the influential dance forms to be performed. With practice, one can make the moves precise and pyrrhic.

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Latin style of dance is as elegant as it may sound. It originated in Latin America but has soon become a craze across the world. Latin dance begins with basic training and advances into technical moves and lifts.

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At Dancing Curve, we add a punch of Bollywood and fun in our classes. For Indians and the world, Bollywood songs have been the go-to for uplifting your spirits in instants. From Funky Punjabi to Energetic South Indian, the music range is quite vast and varied. The Indian music industry has inspired dancing, and we haven’t let this factor go missing in our classes.



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Weekends : 8am to 8pm

Law College road

Golds Gym Erandwane, Shanti Sheela Society, near FTII Law College Road,Erandwane, Pune – 411004


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Weekends : 9am to 12pm

Viman Nagar

Symbiosis College Gate 1 Yoga Hall, Viman Nagar, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014


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K Square Fitness, 2nd floor, Sunshree woods commercial premises, Near RIMS international school, cloud 9 road, NIBM Rd, Kondhwa, Pune, 411048

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Solaris Gym, Subhashree Wood Society, Amenity Space, Commercial Club House,Pimple Saudagar, Pune 411027



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Golds Gym Erandwane, Shanti Sheela Society, near FTII Law College Road,Erandwane, Pune – 411004

Phone: 9922925232

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Offline Classes

Dance classes are always a fun place to be where we meet and interact with like-minded people. The idea is to leave all your worries behind at home and come to the class with an attitude to learn something new.

Online Classes

Dance is a fitness activity and it is enjoyed by everyone. But the 2020 pandemic brought the world into an electronic box. In fact, it gave us an online medium to teach and execute the same knowledge that we possess. From the comfort of your homes, you get undivided attention from our trainers.

Personal Trainings

Personalized ways of teaching dance have their own benefits. You can learn faster and better with the help of Dance Instructors. They are the ones who will provide you with absolute attention and dedication towards your form – Be it Online or Offline

New Batches begin 26th & 28th November 2022 onwards 

Grand Show happening on 18th December 2022